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Buyer’s guide: Best women’s cycling sports bras

The best sports bras for cycling reviewed

Emma Cole
6 Jul 2022

What size am I? How much support do I need? Will the bra be comfortable? These are all questions you'll need to answer when you're choosing a sports bra for cycling.

With a labyrinth of different size guides and options to contend with, buying a sports bra is not as straightforward as it should be, so with this in mind we've put together and tested a roundup of the best sports bras for cycling.

First, though, it is important to establish exactly what you want the sports bra for, as this will dictate your options.

A gentle training ride usually requires less support than a long day in the saddle, whilst an endurance ride often necessitates enough support but not so much that it’s uncomfortable over a long time.

A bumpy gravel extravaganza, meanwhile, might demand a high impact straitjacket kind of style.

Ultimately, sports bras are very personal but key things to consider are:

  • Support required
  • Bra size
  • Adjustability
  • Comfort

We recommend getting properly measured, taking those measurements to a brand’s size guide and trying a bra out. Sadly, sports bra sizing standardisation is yet to be a thing.

Our guide takes you through the best cycling sports bras on the market listed in alphabetical order and all have been tried and tested by the Cyclist team.

Products appearing in Cyclist buyer's guides are independently selected by our editorial team. Cyclist may earn an affiliate commission if you make a purchase through a retailer link. Read our reviews policy here

The best sports bras for cycling 

Castelli Rosso Corsa bra (low impact)

The Castelli Women’s Rosso Corsa Bra is a lightweight, low support bra.

It has moulded cups which creates a nice shape and mesh inserts for breathability.

This bra is easy to get on and off as it is made from stretchy fabric and fastens at the back.

However, it is worth noting that there are no options for adjusting the shoulder straps.

Castelli says the material is good for sweat-wicking and we didn’t have any issues with chafing.

The material is quite flimsy which may not give enough support to those on the bustier side.

This bra is best suited to those from a D cup upwards and would be a solid choice for a low to medium impact ride.

The Castelli Rosso Corsa bra comes in black and white and in sizes XS to XL.

Freetrain emergence seamless sports bra (low impact)

Freetrain, known for its innovative running vest, has recently delved into sportswear and with it comes a great sports bra ideal for cycling.

Available in four different colours, black, coral, white and blue, the emergence bra is incredibly soft and comfortable.

Being seamless, the chances of chafing are massively reduced and we didn’t have any issues with this.

Whilst the bra doesn’t have any options for making adjustments, it does have a firm ribbed underband which provides good support. 

The cups also create a nice shape and the padding is removable.

Given the lack of adjustability this is a bra for lightweight and low impact cycling.

It comes in three difference sizes and is currently on sale at £24.

  • Buy the Freetrain emergence seamless bra (£24)

Girlfriend Collective Simone high support bra (High impact)

The Girlfriend Collective Simone high support bra is a sumptuously soft bra with built-in cups and a racer back.

It has adjustable straps and adjustable support band which makes it a very versatile bra, ideal for gentle training rides, high energy efforts on the turbo and tearing up some trails.

Our tester found this bra extremely comfortable and ideal for all cycling activities.

What is also great about this bra is that it is made from 79% recycled plastic bottles and the cups are made from 94% recycled plastic bottles. The bra is also fully recyclable.

Girlfriend Collective is renowned for its focus on transparency, and its strong ethical and sustainable stance so if you are looking for a environmentally friendly sports bra for cycling, this would be a great choice.

The Girlfriend Collective Simone high support bra comes in a range of fun colours and in sizes XXS to 6XL.

Maaree Empower bra (Medium impact)

The Maaree Empower sports bra is ideal for most cycling disciplines.

It offers medium support and is ideal comfortable for spending a lot of time in the saddle as it has less straps to contend with, so less opportunity for chafing.

Whilst the shoulders aren’t adjustable, the Empower bra has a fastening at the back and is extremely comfortable and looks great too.

It is also made from recycled yarns so a great conscious choice.

Of note is that we found this bra shows sweat.

One of the key features of Maaree is that the brand offers a free online bra-fitting service which is done over video call.

This is quick and easy, and particularly helpful in ensuring you get the right size.

To top it off, Maaree’s bras all come with a reminder from the charity CoppaFeel to encourage people to check their boobs as this could save their life.

The Maaree Empower bra comes in a range of fun colours and in sizes XS to XL.

  • Buy the Maaree Empower bra (£49)

Maaree Solidarity bra (High impact)

Offering more support than the Empower bra, the Maaree Solidarity bra is a great option for a high impact short rides and for those looking for a high level of adjustability.

Whether you are tearing up some trails or hurling down some descents, this bra offers excellent support and has multiple adjustable straps so you can get the fit just right.

It has adjustable overband and shoulder straps, which can be converted into a racer back giving a really strong level of support.

It is worth bearing in mind that given the high level of support some people may not find this bra comfortable for endurance rides.

This bra is ideal for those with larger busts, as cups go up to G.

The Maaree Solidarity bra comes in three different colours and in sizes 30C to 38G.

  • Buy the Maaree Solidarity bra (£64)

Le Col Pro Seamless Cycling bra (Low to medium impact)

The Le Col Pro Seamless cycling bra is ideal for those who are looking for a no-frills comfortable bra offering low to medium support.

Made from stretchy materials, the Le Col bra has a mesh back which gives it a good level of breathability and makes it suitable for wearing in warm weather.

The bra is seamless, which reduces the chances of chafing or irritation whilst riding and makes it a great choice for endurance rides.

However, as such it isn’t adjustable so make sure you check the size guide.

The bra has removable cups so caters to most people’s preferences of coverage but bear this in mind when washing as the cups may move around.

Overall, the Le Col Pro Seamless Cycling bra is an excellent choice for cycling, and our tester found this one to be ideal for long days in the saddle.

The Le Col Pro Seamless cycling bra comes in three different colours and sizes XS to XL.

LuluLemon Energy bra high support (High impact)

The LuluLemon Energy bra is a great high impact bra which offers considerable support for a day in the saddle.

It has an adjustable double-cross back straps which are both functional and look great and the built-in moulded cups add slight shape and separation, avoiding the mono boob look.

It feels soft against skin and the brand says the fabric is quick drying which we found to be true.

This bra is comfortable, supportive and looks good, and is ideal for most cycling activities.

The LuluLemon Energy bra high support comes in four different colours and sizes 32B to 40DD.

  • Buy the LuluLemon Energy bra (£48)

Sportful Pro bra (Light to medium impact)

The Sportful Pro bra is a well ventilated, comfortable bra which offers light to medium support making it ideal for most training rides in warm weather.

The bra has narrow mesh straps and a mesh back for breathability whilst the

Due to the narrow mesh straps and their stretchy nature this bra is best suited to those looking for low to medium support.

It also does not have any means of adjusting, so make sure you check the size guide. Of note is that this bra is not available in many sizes. 

The Sportful Pro bra comes in black, white, blue and red and in sizes S to L.

The blue and red colours are currently on sale for £32.50.

Under Armour Infinity High Support bra (High impact)

The Under Armour Infinity High Support bra is a great choice for high impact rides and for those looking for ample coverage as the bra fits high on the chest. 

Under Armour says that the padding is liquid-injected which creates a figure of eight pattern which it says results in more natural support with a lighter feel.

The bra has an adjustable racer back and rear fastening, so wearers can tailor the fit and impact to their preference.

Our tester found this bra flattering and very comfortable, however also found that sizes comes up quite big. 

The Under Armour Infinity High Support bra comes in black or pink and in sizes XS to XL.

Velocio Luxe bra (Light to medium impact)

The Velocio Luxe bra is a very soft and comfortable bra which offers a lightweight compression fit.

It provides light to medium support for cycling, so is ideal for heading out for a training ride and commuting.

It has a laser cut ventilation feature at the front which offers some breathability and is made from super soft material so feels great against skin.

This bra is great for those after a minimalistic sports bra as you can barely tell you are wearing it.

With a minimalist approach does come some downside as the Luxe bra doesn’t offer any means of adjusting it so make sure you read the size guide clearly.

The Velocio Luxe bra come in lots of different colours and in sizes XXS to 3XL. 

  • Buy the Velocio Luxe bra (£54)

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