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Zipp Vuka Aero Handlebars

Zipp Vuka Aero sl Sprint Top
Joe Murray
16 Jun 2015

New aero bars from Zipp allow users to configure their best position at home.

The latest addition to Zipp’s growing collection of aerodynamic handlebars, the Vuka Aero has built upon a wealth of knowledge from its two previous models. The bars are designed to be added to a standard stem, (as opposed to being built into the frame of an aero bike) opening the gates to cyclists who want to adapt their own ride to something more aero.

Based on the popular SL-70 Aero Bar, the Vuka Aero adopts a similar airfoil wing top, made from uni directional carbon, yet maintains the UCI’s 3:1 aspect ratio that is required for time trials. Just like everything Zipp produces, these bars have been meticulously tested and tweaked in a wind tunnel until they are satisfied with the outcome. And this thoroughness doesn’t stop at the design of the bars as the company have created an iPhone app that assists in the setting up of the bars. The Vuka Fit software tool allows riders to input fit coordinates and bike dimensions generating their most comfortable and most aerodynamic position.

The carbon fibre, manufactured using SRAM’s Exogram technology provides greater stiffness through the handlebars as well as shedding weight off of the overall ride.

Whereas with many other aero bars the rider often needs to adapt their body position to work around the bars, the Vuka is far more subservient. The compatibility and adjustability of these bars not only allows you to add them to your existing bike, but tweak them to your hearts content until you find the perfect position. 


Size (center to center): 40cm

Clamp Width: 54mm

Weight: 700g (w/carbon extensions)

Bar Clamp Diameter: 31.8mm

Extension Diameter: 22.2 (sold separately) Retail Availability: June 2015

RRP: £578

(£680 with carbon extensions)

Prices include VAT 

Contact for more details. 

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