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Zipp Firecrest, 30 Course and Tangente R28/R30 updates

Zipp 30 Course wheels
Ollie Gill
4 Sep 2015

Zipp reveals an updated wheel range with 77/177 hubs. Also launched is the Course 30 aluminium wheelset and fatter Tangente road tyres.

The Collins English Dictionary defines being reborn as to be "born or as if born again, esp. in having undergone spiritual regeneration". Zipp's 'Firecrest Reborn' campaign tells us about updates to its well-respected Firecrest line up, together with the release of the Course 30 wheelset and Tangente R28/30 tyres. 

The entire Zipp Firecrest range, 202 Tubular and 30 course wheelsets have been updated with new 77/177 hubs. The new hubs promise a reduction in maintenance from improved bearing protection. Previously hub iterations had suffered from bearings being overtightened by consumers, Zipp recognised this so the cartridge bearings in the new hubs have the preload set at the factory, so they shouldn’t require attention until it’s time for them to be replaced. Visually, the hubs are an amended shape with some fancy new graphics to boot. Also, being bigger means shorter spokes and Sapim CX Sprint lacing replaces the CX-Rays previously used (the exception here is the on the 202 tubs).

New Zipp 77 front hub

The quick release skewer technology from Zipp's new disc brake wheels has been extended across the rest of the range, giving additional leverage so that your wheels don't slip (an imperative for disc braking). 77/177 hubs can be teamed up with an XD driver body, which opens the opportunity for wall-climbing cassette options of up to 10-42.

Zipp has joined the rim braking tubeless-ready party a little later than most with the launch of their 30 Course wheelsets. It shares similar rim shape technology with some of the Firecrest range, with an internal rim width of a chunky 21mm. Check out upcoming Cyclist Issue 40's article on wider rims and why this (and not simply wider tyres) is such a vogue topic.

New Zipp 177 rear hub

And speaking of tyres, completing the line up are the Tangente R28/R30 tyres. Most of us have just about got our heads around swapping 23mm rubber for 25mm, but Zipp are focussing on going even wider. On the assumption that disc brakes just around the corner, Zipp are banking on up 30mm tyres being the norm on the road;  the reported benefits being reduced rolling resistance and the ability to run at lower tyre pressures. The Course R28/R30's have a slightly more expensive older brother in the Speed R28. The difference? A claimed reduction of 44g in weight and approximately 11.18 watts of rolling resistance at 40kmh. 

Zipp Tangente 30mm tyre

Does all of this constitute spiritual regeneration, as Zipp claim? Perhaps this is a stretch, but these updates certainly at the least reinvigorate (in the case of the hubs) and bring Zipp into line with current market rim and tyre trends.


Zipp 202 tubular

Weight: 1,180g
Price: £1,600

Zipp 202 Firecrest clincher

Weight: 1,450g
Price: £1,680

Zipp 303 Firecrest clincher/tubular

Weight: 1,625g/1,390g
Price: £1,680/£1,600

Zipp 404 Firecrest clincher/tubular

Weight: 1,690g/1,505g
Price: £1,680/£1,600

Zipp 808 Firecrest clincher/tubular

Weight: 1,885g/1,700g
Price: £1,920/£1,840

Availability: September 2015

Zipp 30 Course rim-brake tubular/clincher

Weight: 1,490g/1,570g
Price: £800

Availability: November 2015 (tubular)/October 2015 (clincher)

Wheels include:

Quick release skewers
Valve core extenders and wrench
Rim tape for clinchers

Tangente Course R28/R30 tyres

Weight: 260g/306g
Price: £44

Tangente Speed R28 tyres:

Weight: 216g
Price: £52

Availability: October 2015


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