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Zipp launches Quickview Integrated computer mount

17 Nov 2020

All new look plus a nifty new product from the American speed gurus

As part of a complete cosmetic overhaul of all its handlebars, stems and seatposts, and updating its logo in line with the new one seen on its wheel launches earlier this year, Zipp has added a rather neat out-front computer mount too.

The key feature of the Zipp Quickview Integrated bike computer mount is that it replaces the stem’s face-plate.

Two versions are available for compatibility with Zipp's Service Course and SL Speed product ranges as well as the super stiff SL Sprint stem.

By integrating the mount in this way, the design offers a clean look, but more than just aesthetics it has mechanical advantages too.

With more structural rigidity, whatever the size and weight of the computer mounted, and/or any extra accessories added to the lower mount, it will, Zipp says, stay firmly in place. No drooping or rattling.

The Quickview Integrated mount costs £62 and is compatible with Garmin and Wahoo computers currently. It’s fully adjustable, and the lower accessory mount can accept anything that uses the now fairly common GoPro slotted engagement, such as cameras or lights.

It’s certainly a neat and elegant way to add accessories to your road bike without cluttering the bars, and is especially useful if you have a non-round bar shape, which can make mounting things very tricky.


Bars, stems and seatposts

Zipp has always been at the forefront of creating components to make us faster, but as it reminds us, sometimes speed does not come from aerodynamics alone. Achieving an optimal riding position for speed and comfort is also important if we want to ride fast.

With that in mind, Zipp offers a comprehensive range of handlebars, stems and seatposts that cover almost every shape imaginable with traditional, aero and ergo versions of its bars, stem lengths from 60-140mm and seat posts in several sizes and in both 0mm and 20mm offsets.

There’s also a choice to suit your pocket, ranging from the entry-level Service Course range, through mid-level Service course SL products, right up to its top-end Carbon SL offering.

We think you’ll agree the latest gloss black logo on matt black cosmetic seen throughout a good portion of the updated products looks especially distinctive and classy.

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