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The 2022 Canyon Aeroad: The world’s fastest bike

19 May 2022

Advanced engineering prowess lending exceptional performance to the 2022 Canyon Aeroad means everyone else is now just playing catch-up

The 2022 Canyon Aeroad is the result of years of painstaking research, testing and development, and is proven at the highest level.

It’s a bike that boasts not only the very best engineering and aerodynamic performance but also a supreme riding experience, with a wide range of frame sizes, adjustable cockpit dimensions and a balanced approach to geometry that ensures there’s an Aeroad for everyone.

Drag race

Forget weight and rolling resistance, above 14kmh aerodynamic drag is the single biggest force that every rider battles to overcome. The 2022 Canyon Aeroad has been engineered to ensure everyone who rides it has a head start.

The new bike’s gain in aero performance is the result of four years of testing in partnership with SwissSide, a company comprised of ex-Sauber Formula 1 engineers.

Industry leaders in the world of computational fluid dynamics (CFD), the SwissSide team brought out the big guns to develop the Aeroad, initially testing frame shapes with CFD software, dedicating months to honing the fastest possible design for riders in the real world.

Tunnel vision

The 2022 Aeroad has undergone exhaustive wind-tunnel tests under the watchful gaze of its dedicated development team. The ideal forms identified by CFD research were manufactured for scientific analysis at wind speeds that replicate riding at 45kmh, before being rotated on a turntable to recreate realistic riding scenarios with differing yaw angles.

Sensors beneath the bike during this evaluation stage allowed the engineers to accurately detect where and how much wind resistance was being generated, to build a bigger picture of how the new Aeroad would work as a complete build with a rider on board.

Canyon’s engineers even built ‘Ferdi’ – a specially designed carbon-fibre leg dummy – to replicate the impact of a rider’s legs on airflow moving across the frame.

Results matter

At the top of the range, the advances made by Canyon have resulted in the World Tour-spec Aeroad CFR – a bike which is not only a masterclass in aero efficiency, but which is also the lightest aero bike Canyon has ever made.

The adoption of rare Toray M40X carbon-fibre has shaved 170g from the frame over its predecessor, while stiffness is 14% higher than before.

Crucially, the hard yards spent on the 2022 bike’s development have yielded a package that is 7.4 watts quicker overall.

Raising the bar

The fully integrated aero-optimised cockpit of the 2022 Canyon Aeroad is designed to be travel-compatible and simple to adjust. Up to 40mm of bar width and 15mm of stem height adjustment is built in, so there’s a setup for everyone – whether you’re seeking extra leverage or a narrower, more aero position – without the need to ever swap your handlebars.

The innovative wing design of the handlebars collapses for transit via just four bolts, taking the stress out of packing and building your bike, while fully internal routing maintains the cockpit’s clean lines. Crucially, adjustments are made with just one tool width, so tweaking your setup is as simple as possible.

Van der Poel position

The fastest bike in the world is also the weapon of choice for the most explosive rider of a generation. Mathieu van der Poel sprinted his Canyon Aeroad to victory at the Tour of Flanders in 2020 and 2022, used it to storm the Paris-Roubaix podium and piloted it to a stage win at the 2021 Tour de France – the Dutch rider’s Grand Tour debut during which he spent six days in the yellow jersey. When speed matters, Van der Poel’s Aeroad delivers. 

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Cyclist says…

‘The years of work that Canyon has dedicated to this refinement of the Aeroad breed have paid off, with a bike that’s quicker, lighter and more comfortable to ride than ever before. It’s proof that, while it’s not necessary to reinvent the wheel, with world-beating expertise on your side, and dedication to the details as well as the bigger picture, it’s possible to exceed even the highest expectations.

‘The improvements to adjustability, allied to less extreme geometry more akin to that of Canyon’s Ultimate range, will make owning and travelling with the Aeroad a sheer pleasure, and riding it a comfortable way to get where you’re going in the quickest possible time – whether that’s to the finish line of a race or a sunny Sunday cafe stop.”

Photography: Canyon